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What is Building System Remediation ?

It's repairing the condition that causes repetitive or annoying failures or damage, not just replacing the component.

Sometimes the cause is not immediately visible to technicians working on one part of the system. Using our expertise in engineering principles, diagnostic methods, and physical measurements the hidden causes for repetitive problems are identified. Once the actual cause is known a correct solution can be applied.

Here are some case studies:

  • Pinhole leaks in hot water piping

The Building Maintenance Engineer noticed that certain sections of the domestic hot water piping consistently developed pinhole leaks.

Our analysis of the hot water system equipment revealed that oversized pumps had been installed as part of a previous repair. The larger pumps increased the water flow to the point where the piping was being eroded from the inside, actually wearing away the copper.

Specifications for the correct controls resolved the issue and prevented future damage.

Copper pipe pinhole leak example
  • Variable Frequency Drive not saving power

As a cost saving measure, a high rise condominium installed several Variable Frequency Drives (a "VFD" or "VSD") on central heating and cooling system water pumps. Investigation by the General Manager found that the VFD was permanently set to bypass mode resulting in zero power (and cost) savings.

An investigation of the building piping identified several water flow components that were also operating in a "bypass" condition. As a result, there was no difference in the amount of water flowing between maximum heating and maximum cooling.

Our analysis of the water flow requirements and then specification of  the necessary controls turned the idle VFD into the cost saving device that was intended.

Bypassed speed controller
  • "Unsolvable" HVAC problems

An Executive Condominium owner had several HVAC contractors attempt to service the air conditioning system in his residence. Repairs did not seem to "take" and his unit was never at the right temperature.

Investigation of the equipment identified not only a partially clogged coil but an improperly sized (and failed) valve and a strainer component that had been installed "backwards" in the building system local piping.

Our measurements, specification of new components, and consultation with the final contractor resolved the issue completely resulting in a satisfied Owner and an increase in his property's value.

3D rendering for HVAC installation

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